Sons of Famine

by Sons of Famine

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released September 6, 2016

All songs written by Sons of Famine
Produced by: Dan Klein & Sons of Famine
Recorded & Mixed by: Dan Klein at Iron Hand Audio (Chicago, IL)
Mastered by: Collin Jordan at The Boiler Room (Chicago, IL)



all rights reserved


Sons of Famine Chicago, Illinois

SONS OF FAMINE is anti-everything!

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Track Name: Snort the Ashes
Roadside crosses in site
Delusions; envy in the air
Pedestal of slaughtered pigs
Roadside crosses... everywhere
Spun like locust swarming up in the air
Scorching them all with hard blast of flame
Cannibal march to the house of death
So they prayed; misguided visions of light
Onward rage;this path set...ablaze
Steadfast and raging, my wounds embrace the filth
Desecration,abomination of lies
With horns we ram, incinerate, condemn
Sodomize the rest, no compromise
With fury we feed, with bloodlust & disease
Discrimination of none, we'll hang you all
And burn you through the night...then snort the ashes
Silence emerging; death rides high above
Clawing at angels til victory
As the cold winds
Cipher the ancient tongue
Secret of the horrors unknown
With lust, they merge
Tangled like thoughts that soon perish
And burn on the red wings of dawn
Track Name: Forest of Delusions
Forest of Delusion
Cold winds the scars embrace
War; victory, our pleasure
Consume this world of shit
Mass hallucinations
Swords of the scorn divine
Preying on the souls of the fallen
Destroying all barriers of time
Gods of war; share your wisdom through death
Guide us through cold valleys of disease
Cities burn; like scattered ash to wind
As warriors take their final breath, then kiss the blade
The meek shall stand in line & bow, like slugs to the heavens
As cowards fall, to fear & disease
The altars of war
Norther crosses symbols of the weak
Southern swords now rip through frail minds
Cleanse my pallet
Quench my thirst & lust for death
Bask in the ancient glory of your defeat
Ravenous; persistent our assault
Venomous; abhorrence floods the earth
In the shadow of the horns, grows the twisted wisdom
Seeds of death...
Eminent; burning in our trance
Venomous; coil of obscurity
Fools...march to war
With grand illusions of honor in a decrepit mind
As cowards and kings
Map our their demise
In the name of glory, honor, & death
Track Name: Legions of the Chemical Mind
Thread the wings of blackness
With the veins of life once lived
Conjure archaic struggle
Combat this utter dearth
Blessed with piss our first weakness
Potency transformed to strength
No more pathetic allegiance
Conquer the weak on earth
Anguish, ignorance, befoulment
Spreading disease to the weak
Pleasure, pollution, delusion
Strength will punish all the clean
Fealty to our brethren
Unbreakable by time
Our strength still builds in numbers
Fourth dimensions on our side
Slice the flesh, you can't break us
Consume bodily waste
It only makes us stronger
The clean follow the blind
Legions...of the chemical mind
Lacerations...crawling back
Into the timeless jaws of the earth
Slice our flesh
Blood brethren
And we follow the sun...into blackness
The weak will be gone...purity will perish
Journey may be long...dirty and fearless
Posture at the reins...strong and mighty
Laugh at your dismay...bareback and victorious
Horns pierce the sky
Blood rains upon my dirt brow
Weeping sun spills to our crown
Track Name: Orgies of Conquest
With the razors unrest beckoning
Invoking gifts of blackness
I find comfort in this womb of disease
Penetrate with lust, mother whore of madness
Clawing her way into my mind
Sinister desires, as candles dance in a distorted haze
Like angels drawn to sin
Total disgust, for all human ways
Revel in the orgies of conquest
Carnivorous...lunar lust
Seasons of the withering
Departure of harvest
The languages of frost
Preaching death
Masochistic way of life, no fear it's my desire
Purge this world, my blood, my veins
Lift the veil expose the lie
Indulge in fits of the wretched sin, the wrath of the perverse
Consuming the poison we fuck like wolves
As the sun turns black
Carnivorous...lunar lust
Seasons of the withering
As the languages of frost preach death
Track Name: White Line Fever (Goatspeed)
Another step in the quest toward obliteration
Snowblind, goatspeed pulsing through my veins
Another hit closer to Hell's wisdom
Another blast and I'll be back again
One path points to death
The other to the end
Nasal drip, short of breath
I'll take my chance
White line fever...
Load the bullet, get what you need
Ride the rails deep beyond the speed of light
666 grams of pure power
The devil's dust is what I lust
It's my disease...
Journey of self sabotage
Don't give a fuck
Flip the vinyl and chip some more
It's time to get fucked up
Another day bleeds into night
Another night into weeks
Crawling the walls, combing the floor
It's time to get some more
White line fever...
Track Name: Vulturous Twilight
Sifting through spiritual void
Journey to the center of what never was
Shattered eternal sphere
Inverted wisdom, endless reign
This shallow sense of self
Vulturous twilight...gathers in the mist
Axes rising...bridge between the worlds
Cries of war & steel
Sulfurous twilight...upon forbidden shores
The inexhaustible blazing sun & freezing moon
The stench of the weak, chasm shell...the tides the pull
Driven by fire & steel
Rising through the cryptic mist of lifelessness
Hammers of crushing fate
Barreling through the fallen walls
Crushed walls of bone & steel